1. Dying Day

These songs were recorded between 11/14 and 8/15 at The Soul Shop in Medford, Massachusetts. Hope you dig it.
released January 1, 2015

Rich Podgur: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, and Percussion
Dave Hinckley: Guitar
Gavin McCarthy: Drums
Elio DeLuca: Wurlitzer, Hammond Organ, and Vocals
Lydia Harrell: Vocals on tracks 5 & 10
Danielle Miraglia: Vocals on tracks 5 & 10
Wayne Whittaker: Bass on tracks 1 - 4 & 8
Lou Ulrich: Bass on tracks 6, 7, 10 & 11
Jef Charland: Bass on track 5

Produced and mixed by: Rich Podgur and Elio DeLuca
Engineer: Elio DeLuca
Asst. Engineers: Pete Schluter and Patrick Grenham
Recorded at The Soul Shop, Medford MA.
Mastered by Mark Donahue at Soundmirror Inc., Jamaica Plain MA

All songs written by Rich Podgur for KSFmusic (ASCAP)


Some roadside pride took twenty-five lives
That's when it all began
The dust you could chew while the shrapnel flew
Blowin' arms from their trusty hands
The innocents screamed for civilian means
While the armor made its stand
Planes would fly by poking holes in the sky
Leaking prayer on the dead and damned

This is an ode....
To their dying day

The sun went down in a Jersey town
'round the time the cameras rolled
A hard working man was beat from his tan
His body laid bloodied and cold
It was 7:17 at the hospital scene
When the actress got too bold
She clipped several hundred clams from the soul of his pants
Robbed of dignity, life, and gold

This is an ode...
To his dying day

A sky roaming plane shot through the rain
Crashed in the Karachi hills
Survivors were few from one-fifty-two
The rescuers braved the chill
The trip had been grand, the plane was to land
It was only minutes away
But the weather turned mean, the clouds lost their sheen
The airbus and faithful lay slain

Who's to blame?...
For their Dying Day
Ain't it a shame....

A Massachusetts man took his wife in his hands
You can guess what happened from there
Their child looked on sensing something was wrong
Mom's blood trickled down the stairs
This childhood friends' in a concrete pen
His family ain't no more
Yet the scriptures all say if you kill you must pay
No matter angel, sinner, or whore

This is an ode...
To their dying day
The story's been told...

Some roadside pride took twenty-five lives
That's when it all began...