The Low In Between is a roots rock band from Boston, MA led by songwriter Rich Podgur.  David Hinckley (guitar) and Ed Spargo (bass) are the vehicle in which Podgur's songs are driven to frontiers both calm and familiar to desolate and unsettling. These songs aim to find their own place in the canon of great American singer songwriters.

In January of 2015, they released their debut record Apart, a solid and consistent ten song collection. It is a culmination of courage, misery, love, and misfires put to music. 

They are currently busy writing and recording new material to be released in 2019.


"The Low In Between. Powerful, resonating guitar music in an alt-country vein and given real distinction by Rich Podgur's dead-on singing and original tunes. The rhythm section rocks and the Telecaster leads aim to blow your mind." - Dermot Whittaker 


Rich Podgur - Vocals, Guitar, Songs
David Hinckley - Guitar
Ed Spargo - Bass

For booking information, please contact Rich at